Easy Tow are presently building a new family Caravan that will be available for hire on completion early in 2014. The van internal length is 5.8 m (19') full height which will have beds for up to 7 , one double, a triple bunk and a cafe dining lounge that will convert to another double bed.

This 1st van is now available for hire and due to its popularity another van with the same setup and a few improvements is now being built and should be ready by approx May 2015 

 The van is being built out of composite materials with fiberglass 30 mm structural foam sandwich one piece panels for sides and roof and 25 mm  honeycomb floor panel. The advantages over traditional caravan panels this allows  for a lighter,(Max 2 ton ATM) better insulated and stronger caravan, with all panels being one piece and a lot less joins than you  normally would have  on a aluminium clad  and structural ply floor built van.

From past experience it is much easier to repair a flat fiberglass panel, The Aluminium cladding used on most caravans is only .6 mm thick , very prone to stone dents and I have had small sticks go straight through and finish up inside. To replace a damaged panel is a big job as they are only 300 mm wide and interlocked you have to remove several panels just to get one off and around doors and window you have to replace all the seals, to use body filler on small holes etc it is much harder to match the profile of the alum panel than it is to work on a flat surface such as a fiberglass  panel , So in short fiberglass panels are much less prone to dents and a lot easier to repair.

The majority of the cabinet work is being built out of  12 mm & 16 mm Versaboard (PVC Panel) which is lighter than the equivalent thickness ply, water proof and rot proof  Finished in a 2 pack Urethane finish with proper metal (not plastic as in a lot of vans) latches used  No  use of paper overlaid wood grain timber  ply of which most caravan manufacturers use in there cabinet work. In our experience it looks good new, but it wears quickly, is of high maintenance as  the wood grain Paper overlay rubs off easily and nearly impossible to patch up without replacing the whole panel.  And  the use of a lot of 3 mm ply that is easily cracked or broken.
This van will be of high quality for less maintenance and a better holiday.

The following photos are of the various stages of the building of the new van, and Van 2 which is now under construction , due to be completed  in 2015,more to follow as the No 2 van progresses.

Both Vans 1 & 2 are  now finished and available for hire. 
Has an official  tare weight of 1720 KG and ATM of 2000 KG, Tow ball weight of approx 120 Kg.

The plan for the 3rd Van  to start in 2015 will be a a van around 18' with a full ensuite and max sleeping cap of 4, and with a max ATM of 2000 Kg or under.

                                             'The start" Van No 1  Chassis A frame 


                                  Making the foot well 


                                  Water tank under chassis


                                       Chassis nearly completed 


                                    One piece honeycomb floor fitted 


                                       Cutting out the side panel

                                 Attaching the side panel



               Preparing to position and  lift the one piece roof and front onto the van


            Pulling the front/roof panel onto the sides for gluing and screws 


                                             Van to lock up stage 




               Section of the Foam sandwich panels. 



 Cabinet work being made out of Versaboard (PVC Panel)



 Cabinet work under construction 


 The following Photos are of finished van apart from waiting for Motor trimmer to make cushions for Dining table.






Double bed with heaps of storage and Radio/CD player. 


 Kitchen with, 135 L compressor fridge/freezer,  full  reverse cycle remote control air/con, 4 burner stove/Grill, Microwave, Electric pump, water tank monitor, Led remote control dimmer lights ,12V & 240V outlets,  heaps of storage with soft close drawers.





Over head storage ,door dining table side.




 Triple Bunk bed each with own storage and reading Light


Bunk room Drawers and wardrobe 


Under Bed storage 


Rear access Door 


2 x 75 W  Watt Slim Line Solar Panels on roof


These following  photos are of the 2nd van now under construction  the" GBV Mark 11"




Center  line (to align up A frame before welding to chassis)





 Section of the custom folded Z section that goes right around frame. supports the side panels which are bolted and glued to this section



 Cutting the groves, this section is the curved front of the van




Lifting the side panels into place , (notice 12V wiring in place for side lights).


One piece fiberglass sandwich floor panel glued and screwed to chassis 


Bolting and glued the side panels to the frame 


Preparing to lift the top  panel, when raised, I back the chassis with side panels attached under the top panel and lower into place. I can attach all the panels single handed. 


Ducting for the air con 


Internal fit out now under way, using mostly black and white 16mm/12mm  PVC board that will be  spay painted with a 2 pack urethane paint.


 More photos to come on completion for Van in 2015.