Additional Camping and Towing  Equipment for Hire.

All extras can be booked on the online booking system when making a booking at either the daily rate or per booking rate (depending on item)



  • Honda 700 W, 240V,Digital Sine wave, 6amp DC Generator
    Super reliable and very quiet, only weighs 12 kg
    Can run Engel/fridgemate etc fridges  240v appliances up to max 700w.Supplied with full tank of fuel in Generator, plus 5L fuel container (empty) and security cable
     $16 per night,

  • Ryobi 2000 W Digital sine wave Generator
    Super reliable and super quiet, Only weighs 23KG.
    Can run all appliances (separately) in van including Air Con/ Microwave, vans battery charger etc. Supplied with full tank of fuel in generator plus 10L fuel (empty) container and security cable.
    Use vans supplied 240V lead to plug into van to run appliances when grid power not available.
    $20 per night

  • Anderson Plug connection kit
    H/D twin core cable with Battery clamps one end and 50 amp Anderson plug other end with inline fuse. enable your vehicle to run 3 way fridges on 12V while traveling, includes fitment with cable tires.
    $35 per booking

  • Engel 40 L Fridge/Freezer
    Includes proterctive cover and 12v and 240v leads L 636mm W 366 H 483 W 22kg
    $10 per night

  • FridgeMate 60L Fridge/Freezer
    include 12V and 240V leads L 930mm W 450 H 450 W 22kg
    $12 per night

  • Solar panels, 12 V  120W Folding with carry case
    $8 per night

  • Annex for Paramount Duet Pop Top Caravan 
    Attaches to Roll out awning with floor mat ,gives you an extra bed/privacy room .
    $20 per night

  • Annex for Coromal Transforma Pop Top Van
    $20 per night

  • Annex for Sprite Alpine Caravan
    Attaches to Roll out awning with Floor mat gives extra bed/privacy room.

    $20 per night
  • Shade/Privacy screens (only fits Pop Tops & GVB Family Caravan, not silhouettes)
    Attaches to Roll out awning in seconds
    $40 per booking
       (Unlimited time)

  • Tow mirrors,  heavy Duty (strap type)
     $20 for  Booking ( Includes Fitment)

  • Camp stretchers, heavy duty king size
    $2 per night

  Photo Gallery Camping Equipment 



 Coast to Coast  Annex for Duet and Transforma (All New 2017)Pop Top Vans, Has 2 Doorways with fly screens and large windows with blinds. Plus  curved centre rafter


      Curved centre rafter ( tightens roof and allows water run off)






 Shade/Privacy Screen for all Pop Top Vans, fits to existing roll out awning
(95% shade rating)

4 m for GVB Caravan, 3.350 m  for Duet vans and 2.750 m x 1.8m for Transforma and Compac.
Not for Silhouette camper vans

S                         Engel Fridge/Freezer
L636  W366 H483 Weight 22kg


With leads to run from 12V or 240V 




 FridgeMate by EvaKool  60L Fridge/Freezer combi ( approx 25L freezer, 35 fridge or visa versa) or all Freezer or all fridge.
 Dimensions:- H 450mm W 450mm L 930mm
Weight 22kg



Honda Generator  700 w


Ryobi 2000W Sine wave inverter Generator 


Anderson 50 Amp Connection Kit


140 Watt folding with padded carry bag
Dimensions 830 x 540 x 65mm
Weight - 13KG





 Heavy Duty Tow mirror (strap type) 


Camp Stretchers King single